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Selected Independent Funeral Homes
Selected Independent Funeral Homes, was National Select Morticians (NSM) is an international association of independently owned and operated funeral homes and mortuaries that are uniquely qualified to help you and those you care about arrange personalized, meaningful, and affordable funeral or memorial ceremonies, whatever your traditions and preferences may be.
http://selectedfuneralhomes.org. 10/30/2013

The International Order of the Golden Rule (OGR)
The International Order of the Golden Rule (OGR) is an association of independently owned and operated funeral homes with approximately 1200 members throughout North America and overseas whose credo is, "Service measured not by gold but by the Golden Rule." Founded in 1928, OGR is committed to helping independent funeral homes stay independent so funeral directors can focus on what is truly important... the FAMILY.
http://www.ogr.org/ 10/30/2013

The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA)
The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), founded in 1882, is the largest funeral service organization in the world. It is governed by a nine-member Executive Board, a Policy Board made up of representatives from every state, and a House of Delegates. The number of delegates is based on the number of members in a state. NFDA's headquarters, staffed by approximately 40 employees, is in Brookfield, Wisconsin. In 1997, NFDA added a government relations office in Washington, DC, to handle legislative and regulatory issues for its members.
http://www.nfda.org/ 10/30/2013

Cremation Association of North America (CANA)
Cremation Association of North America (CANA) Founded in 1913, the Cremation Association of North America is an International organization of over 1200 members, composed of cemeterians, cremationists, funeral directors, industry suppliers, and consultants CANA is a professional organization whose members are involved in the provision of cremation-related products and services. CANA assists its members to better serve the needs of the cremation customer. CANA members believe that cremation is preparation for Memorialization. Its Code of Cremation Practices stresses the dignity and respect in the care of Human Remains and the belief that the dead of our human society should be memorialized through a commemorative means suitable to the survivors. The CANA web site is an excellent source of accurate and current cremation information and statistics.
http://www.cremationassociation.org/   10/30/2013

North Carolina Funeral Directors Association
North Carolina Funeral Directors Association is the professional association representing member funeral service firms and licensees in the area of practice, education, public information, legislation, and miscellaneous services. The association was established in 1887 and is the 10th largest state association. NCFDA is also an affiliate of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), the largest association of funeral directors in the United States.
http://www.ncfda.org/   10/30/2013

International Cemetery and Funeral Association (ICFA)
International Cemetery and Funeral Association (ICFA) The ICFA is an international trade association for the cemetery, funeral and memorialization industry. Founded in 1887 as the American Cemetery Association, the organization was created by cemetery owners and operators to provide a means for accomplishing together more than they could accomplish as individuals. Today, with more than 6,000 members, the ICFA is the only trade association representing the funeral service, cemetery and memorialization industry. The ICFA mission is to serve and support their members in order to help them succeed. ICFA members enjoy a host of benefits designed to increase their management proficiency and improve their businesses-- from representation in the governmental arena to educational meetings to a variety of services and products tailored to meet their needs.
http://www.icfa.org/ 10/30/2013

Grief Resources

Alive Alone
An organization for educational and charitable purposes, to benefit bereaved parents whose only child or all children are deceased by providing a self-help network and publications to promote communication and healing.
http://www.alivealone.org/   10/30/2013

Grief Resources Catalog
A resource center dedicated to providing grief support products for those who may be grieving the loss of a loved one. The grief support materials found here are designed to assist those in a journey through grief and for friends, relatives, and grief professionals who want to help someone who is experiencing grief.
http://griefresourcescatalog.com/  6/19/2014

Hospice Care
Learn about hospice care and programs, read excerpts from hospice publications, order books and videos and learn about the annual bereavement teleconference which is co-sponsored by the Hospice Foundation of America and The Compassionate Friends.
http://www.hospicefoundation.org/ 10/30/2013

Hospice of Randolph
Hospice of Randolph County is a non-profit, community-based agency that has provided compassionate, quality health care for adults, children and families in Randolph County since 1983. Hospice of Randolph County is licensed by the State of North Carolina, certified by Medicare/Medicaid, and ACHC accredited. Services are offered regardless of ability to pay.
http://www.hospiceofrandolph.org/ 10/30/2013

UNC Hospice
UNC Hospice began as Hospice of Chatham County in 1984. In 1999 Hospice of Chatham County joined the UNC Health Care System and the name changed to UNC Hospice. UNC Hospice offers comprehensive bereavement care and counseling to our hospice patients and families. Grief support is available to patients and families while they are living with illness and to family members for 13 months after their loved one dies. https://www.unchealthcare.org/site/hospice 6/18/2014

FirstHealth of the Carolinas, Hospice and Palliative Care
The services of the FirstHealth Grief Resource & Counseling Center are open to anyone in the community, from young children to older adults. We help those who have already suffered a loss, as well as those who are dealing with life-altering illness or who are facing the death of a loved one. http://www.firsthealth.org/Specialties%20&%20Services/Hospice/index.asp

Small Comforts Foundation
Small Comforts focuses on supports for people with chronic illness, disability or other condition which confines them to hospitals, nursing homes, hospice facilities, or limits their mobility from home. It seeks to provide information for support of care givers who support individuals in these facilities with illness from Alzheimers Syndrome, to kidney disease, to COPD, heart disease, cancer, and other disabling conditions.
http://www.smallcomforts.org/ 10/30/2013

Mothers in Sympathy and Support, a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization committed to providing emergency support to parents after the death of their baby: stillbirth, neonatal death, premature birth, congenital anomalies, SIDS, and any child's death.
http://www.misschildren.org/ 10/30/2013

National SIDS Resource Center
Provides information services and technical assistance on sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and related topics.
http://www.sidscenter.org/ 10/30/2013

Renew Center for Personal Recovery
Specialist in Crisis Management for Schools and other Organizations
http://www.renew.net/ 10/30/2013

The Compassionate Friends
Grief support after the death of a child.
http://compassionatefriends.org/  10/30/2013

The Natural Death Centre
The Natural Death Centre is a non-profit charitable project launched in Britain in 1991 with three psychotherapists as directors. Its aim is to support those dying at home and their carers and to help them arrange funerals. It has as a more general aim that of helping improve the quality of dying'.
http://www.naturaldeath.org.uk/ 10/30/2013

Widow Net
An information and self-help resource for, and by, widows and widowers. Topics covered include grief, bereavement, recovery, and other information helpful to people of all ages, religious backgrounds, and sexual orientations who have suffered the death of a spouse or life partner.
http://www.widownet.org/  10/30/2013

Pre Arrangement

Funeral Service Foundation
The Funeral Service Foundation provides a consumer assistance program, one aspect of which is a funeral buyers guide. The Foundation is supported through charitable gifts and grants.
http://www.funeralservicefoundation.org/    10/30/2013

TheEasierWay.com is a place where you can learn about the benefits of advance funeral planning from the words of those who have made their plans.
http://www.theeasierway.com/  10/30/2013

Governmental Links

Social Security Online
The official website for the Social Security Administration.
http://www.ssa.gov/ 10/30/2013

The US National Archives and Records Administration
The online Military personnel records request system. Need a copy of a discharge? This is a quick and easy solution.
http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/  10/30/2013

Advance Health Care Directive Registry
The North Carolina Secretary of State offers this service. At this site you will find the forms you may use for three (3) Advance Health Care Directives and an Organ Donor Card. All of these may be either filled out online and printed for notarization, or alternatively, you may open them in Adobe Acrobat and print for your use. The Organ Donor Card will require two witness signatures. You may also register your Advance Health Care Directives online for easy accessibility.
http://www.secretary.state.nc.us/ahcdr/ 3/8/2006

Pet Loss

Central Carolina Pet Services.
Our pets are very special to us. When they die we want to know that people that care are available to help. I recently arranged for my dog to be cremated, and I was so impressed with this company I wanted to share their contact information with you. They are located off I-40 Business in Winston-Salem. They provide complete cremation service for any small animal (under 250 pounds). They will provide pick-up and delivery service through your veterinary hospital or clinic or you can deliver.
http://www.centralcarolinapetservices.com 10/30/2013

Paw Prints Pet Services
Paw Prints Pet Services is a family owned and operated pet cremation service. Our facility is conveniently located on our family farm in Milton, NC with our business office located in Ringgold, Virginia. As pet lovers ourselves, we understand the sense of loss and sadness that is experienced when you lose a family pet. We know that whether you lose your pet suddenly, or after fighting a long illness, the grief can be overwhelming. This crematory has also served in our family.
http://pawprintspetcremation.com/  10/30/2013

Family Pet Cremation Center
We know the important place of animal companions in our lives, and in our hearts. This is why we started Family Pet Cremation Center, as a facility dedicated to caring for families and individuals who are faced with the death of a beloved pet. Naturally, our intention is to help you make the right choice for you. Family Pet Cremation Center offers cremation services to meet your unique needs.This facility, located in Greensboro, is owned by a family member of one of our staff. 
http://www.familypetcremationcenter.com/  10/30/2013

Charitable Giving

The American Red Cross.
Mission Statement The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.
http://www.redcross.org/ 10/30/2013

The Salvation Army.
Identified by author and management expert Peter Drucker as "by far the most effective organization in the United States," The Salvation Army invests the charitable gifts it receives in the lives of men and women and boys and girls. The Salvation Army is active in our community as well as throughout the country.

http://www.salvationarmyusa.org/ 10/30/2013

The Network for Good
The Network for Good has an excellent web site which lists credible relief organizations and allows contributions to be made via the web. If you wish to help go to their web site by clicking on their name or at the address listed below:
http://www1.networkforgood.org/ 10/30/2013

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